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Our solutions provide an effective management tool covering a wide range of MRP, operational, compliance and financial areas. You can choose which features and modules to implement depending on your current needs and productivity goals.


Our solutions enable you to control your business in real-time by providing systems for both the back office and the shop floor in a fully integrated manner. For example, the physical inventory matches what the system says. Because the users access the system in real time from both shop-floor and backoffice it provides a "single version" of the truth for all staff. 


Our solutions cover compliance subjects such as Quality Management, Food Safety, Audit Management, Health & Safety and Risk Management. These are fully integrated with the operational control processes. With quality related information captured as part of normal processing it removes the need for double handling and is therefore more cost effective.


We provide a wide range of features that enable accurate measurement of your business processes. As the saying goes, if you can't measure it, you can't control it. Data captured directly from the shop floor and machines is used by the back office systems and managers to provide the basis of a wide range of supply chain decision making. 


Enabling you to manage your complete supply chain 

Key Features

 We provide features covering a wide range of business processes

Supply Chain Management

Every business operates a Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) process of some sort. Decisions are made as to which products or services are provided, what resources are committed, when components are purchased and what promises are given to customers. We provide comprehensive tools to help manage and automate these processes throughout planning, sales, procurement and production.

Production Control

Optimising production is a difficult challenge. Ensuring the everyone is working to the same 'drum beat' requires integration across the business, capturing and displaying demand and supply requirements in as close to real time as possible and working within capacity constraints. Our suite of solutions provide effective tools to enable smart decisions to be made across the business.

Warehouse Management

Effective management of inventory often requires much more than just simply holding a total of stock-on-hand. Many additional details are required as to what was receipted, issued or dispatched. Also details are required by operators in real time, at batch or carton level, at any location, staging area or pickface. We provide extensive warehouse management features to achieve high levels of control.


Making supply decisions efficiently requires full integration with the Sales and Operations Planning areas as well as direct visibility of Production and Warehousing. Timeliness and accuracy of all data at each point is critical for optimal procurement decisions. Our systems provide the level of integration, visibility and ease of data management to make it easy to use for relatively untrained operators.

Shop Floor Control

It is normal for organisations and businesses to have many 'islands' or 'silos' of information stored as either manual records or in spreadsheets. These silos gather on the shop-floor and out-of-office areas in particular.  We provide the ability to send information to the shop floor to control what is to be made and when, and to collect information from the shop floor on actual production and related stats.


Our dashboards turn data into information. Information that is accurate, in real time and able to be sliced and diced to suit the requirements of smart decision making. Because of the breadth of processes that can be managed within our systems, and the ability to collect information in real time, the dashboards become extremely powerful tools for decision making throughout the business.

Event Tracking

If things go wrong it is important to capture the event quickly and accurately, notify relevant parties, analyse and take remedial actions. The many related aspects of any nonconforming event can be clearly identified and actions raised and managed through to completion. Our systems allow any type of of event to be raised, relevant data captured and managed in an appropriate process to achieve continuous and incremental improvements.

Audit Management

Checking and auditing, by internal or external parties, is a critical part of any effective quality management system. Our systems allow any type of check or audit to be established to fit any controlled process. Having audits displayed and managed by a calendar style schedule ensures that required audits are carried out by the due date, and that any failures in process are notified, reported and acted upon.


Collecting information at source typically involves integration with machines, weigh scales or other monitoring devices. When integrated with the back office systems, data can flow into the system to form the basis of transactions and be used immediately for monitoring and decision making purposes. This provides an effective way to measure operational performance, reduce waste and increase efficiency.