Management solutions

Everything from the back office to the shop floor

Specialised solutions for repetitive, food and jobbing manufacturers and contractors.


Our solutions enable manufacturers to manage the difficult and often conflicting pressures of supply and demand. We help you to meet your customer commitments for goods manufacturing by providing a range of planning, production, shop floor, inventory and procurement management solutions so you can run your part of the business efficiently. 

Each type of manufacturer has special requirements depending on the way they do business. Our solutions are adjusted for each manufacturing niche and  are designed to address the problems produced by the specific processes they use. 

Repetitive & Process Food & Beverage Project & Jobbing

Leverage the power of integrated solutions

  • No need for mountains of paper
  • No need for hundreds of spreadsheets

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Our solutions specialise in enabling contractors to collect information and provide control out of the office (information from jobs, time records, hazard assessments, incident recording, site investigations). 

We provide the ability to record information directly at the point of source, making it instantly available for further back office decision making and processing. 

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Automated solutions

We provide a number of specialised systems that can assist in achieving efficiency through the direct capture of information. Examples are:

  • Machine Monitoring and Control: this enables batch or job related information to be automatically collected from machines or sensors directly. Once collected the information is instantly available for management decision making and reporting.
  • Integrated Weighing: weight is often a critical manufacturing measure. We provide integration at a number of different processing points providing accurate weights of ingredients or finished product controlling tolerances, batch tracking and other production details.
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition: ANPR provides automated control of vehicle based processes. This provides the basis for automated site access, health & safety checks or weigh bridge processing. 

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