Automated control solutions

Collecting data at source, accurately and efficiently

We have a number of technologies and systems that enable our clients to achieve automation in a cost effective manner. These include proven technologies to read and write data from and to machines, weighing systems and other devices. 

Integrate with machines and sensors

Increasingly machines are controlling production and packaging processes but often this data is not integrated with warehousing, production management and other planning systems. We provide the systems for machine data to be captured and used by a wide range of operational and management functions.

To achieve the aim of "single point of entry" of all data we provide web based and windows network tools that enable data to be shared accurately and reliably between various systems cost effectively.

Integrated weighing

Across goods handling industries, products are often measured in terms of weight. We capture this information accurately and efficiently and provide full integration with a number of weighing processes. Ranging from reading weigh information streaming live into our systems, measuring weight at point of transaction on specific batches, through to full two way automated control of the weigh process.

We can tailor our solutions to each situation to match the equipment currently in place

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

As part of our automation suite we provide the ability to automatically read vehicle number plates. 

This enables automation in areas such as vehicle weigh bridges, access, parking and Health & Safety control. 

The system uses a world class NPR engine and IP cameras, tuned to consistently and accurately record vehicle movements automatically 24/7.