Quality control solutions

Out of the office and on the move

Contractors are on the move so their quality and safety management systems should be too. The more times data is manually handled, the more out-of-date the data is, and the more opportunity there is to introduce inaccuracies. Our systems enable you to record, check and report data directly from the field. This significantly improves the timeliness and effectiveness of the information and the resulting decision making. 

Health & Safety

Our solution helps you to keep your people safe through comprehensive Health and Safety and Risk Management systems.

It allows you to identify Hazards and Risks, raise incidents and carrying out investigations. Any type of audit can be setup and scheduled for completion via desktop or mobile devices. You'll always have real-time oversight of any safety related events within your organisation.  Our systems run on any mobile device - this enables you to make timely and informed decisions wherever you are.

Get Mobile

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Quality Management

Our solutions enable you to effectively manage a range of quality initiatives such as; monitoring your sub contractors Health & Safety requirements, equipment management, audits and other related compliance requirements.

Each process can be allocated to auditors or operators in the field. the information can be entered directly, without the need for double handling.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Our systems provide the ability to automate a range of vehicle management processes through ANPR technology. This feature can support automation of weigh bridges, site access, parking and safety sign-off requirements.  

The systems can work on both local sites and remote sites. We integrate with leading European ANPR technology and have adapted the features for New Zealand and Australian number plates to achieve very high levels of accuracy.