Production control solutions

Fully integrated ERP at an affordable budget

Our systems provide a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and supply chain management toolkit for different types of manufacturers.

Repetitive & Process Manufacturing

At the core of our systems for manufacturers are a wide range of features to enable the high volume manufacturer to operate efficiently in meeting the customer's requirements.

Features allow the array of demand and supply pressures to be managed by operators. Forecasting, Sales Management, Production Scheduling, Materials Requirements Planning, Warehousing, Procurement management modules work together to provide "full loop" control of the supply chain.

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Specialisation allows both:

  • depth of functionality
  • simplicity

Food & Beverage

A variant of our suite of solutions provides features to support food and beverage production and food safety.

These include; formula-based recipes to suit food technologists' product design processes, extensive tracking options (at batch, pallet and carton level) throughout production and warehousing. Barcoding and wireless warehousing, Control Point (and CCP) recording and control, allergen tracking, labeling information management, Product Information Forms (PIFs) and Certificates of Analysis (COAs).

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Project & Jobbing Manufacturing

Another variant of our suite of solutions enables the jobbing manufacturer to control the pressures involved in meet critical milestones typical on large projects. 

Scheduling of resources across multiple projects and jobs, ensuring raw materials are purchased and delivered on time, and ensuring that key milestones are met. Quality Management is a major requirement with high value items forming critical components of very large projects.

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