Control for food production

Food & Beverage Manufacturing

We have added a range of features to meet the requirements of food manufacturing. Supply chain management is particularly challenging in fast moving consumable goods (FMCG) environments. 

Also, Food Safety Management Systems place extra-ordinary requirements of Production Information, Labelling, Batch and Carton Tracking, Forecasting and Logistics in particular.

Below we outline some of the key features. Please contact us for further information


Supply Chain Management for FMCG


Planning in food and beverage almost always requires a longer horizon than is provided by the customer order to delivery time frame. This necessitates good planning processes given the perishable nature of food. This inevitably means that forecasting is an important tool and doing it well in fast changing environments results in significant improvements in efficiency.

We provide fully integrated forecasting with the rest of the supply chain features.

Our systems are sophisticated and allow you to define various horizons, long range (say 18 to 24 months for cash flow, resource planning and contract negotiations), medium range (say 3 to 12 months for long range material planning, capacity planning, and staffing planning) and short term (say anything from days to 3 months for materials orders, shop floor scheduling, Made to Order management, capacity planning and frozen ingredient management).

Making to Order

When food is produced for a customer branded product a "make to order" approach is required, we provide the ability to efficiently manage the large number of recipes, item information, safety standards that are necessary for this approach.

Order can be taken via EDI, released directly into production and tracked through to delivery.

Shipment details and Certificate of Analysis (COA) information can be generated directly off the system.


Production can be scheduled through multiple operations allowing optimisation of throughput at each stage of production. In a fast changing high volume environment, this ability to have the entire business working to the same drumbeat enables efficiency.

This allows frozen ingredients, mincing or pre-mixes to be scheduled with confidence that materials are not going to be wasted or deliveries short due to lack of supply.

Production Control

By providing the ability to control production from either the back office or out on the shop floor, the factory can be running off the same information, in real time. As plans change due to unforeseen performance issues, the whole factory can adapt to the new plan, as soon as it is decided.

Production schedule information can be conveyed to the shop floor via touch-screen terminals with information updated directly by the shop floor staff. Accuracy is assured by the use of barcodes on shop floor paperwork and ingredients.

We provide direct integration with weigh scales and machines. This process can confirm that the correct ingredients and amounts are issued to each batch and ensures that the actual weigh issued is recorded. This is not only much quicker than the process of recording details manually, but also much more accurate, providing better information for Food Safety Management System audits. 

Food Safety Management Systems

Single deposit for the Product Information

Our solution enables products to be defined in terms of recipe-style percentages for either weight or volume. This translates automatically in discrete inventory controlled units that provide the basis of full Bills of Materials, Process definitions, control points and critical control points. From this information full cooking instructions can be provided automatically to printed paperwork, or directly to the shop floor screens.

This allows complete traceability from raw materials through sub-processes, to automated reports and generated records. Both backward and forward tracking is possible.

The Bills of Materials allow Allergens to be identified and are rolled up through the product layers to be available for reporting and labelling in finished products. 

Incidents and Audits

Our solutions enable any type of incident and event to be tracked. This includes customer complaints, product non-conformance, process non-conformance, equipment non-conformance, Health and Safety, Supplier Issues and event processing.

Audits can be raised from any Incident or Event. The audits can be designed to suit the type and severity of each event. Audits can also be designed to suit any type of scheduled audit or checklist.

Corrective Actions can be raised for any incident, event or audit. The combined effect of being able to manage a wide range of incidents, events, audits and corrective actions provides powerful support for your wider Food Safety Management System.

Controlling Processes

Our solution enables control points and critical control points to be added to the product definition on the Bill of Material and Routes. This forms the basis for actual measurements of each control point to be added directly into the system. The answers then can control the progress of the batch through production and quality control reporting.

Our solution enables full Integrated Weighing to form part of the wider management system. The ingredients required for each batch are specified directly to the shop floor reads. The ingredient and batch information is recorded from the ingredient labels and the actual amount weight issued to the batch. Further control is provided to ensure that the amount issued is within allowable tolerances. 

The system supports continuous receipting on any batch process. This provides real time updating of inventory while still maintaining batch traceability.


The system enables automated creation of labels. It supports the a wide range of information fields that can be used on pre-printed and in-line labelling.

Barcodes are supported throughout the system. Examples of barcode formats supported are:

  • Finished goods: GS1
  • Work In Progress: Code 39
  • Ingredients and Raw Materials: Suppliers GS1 Codes