Control for project orientated manufacturing

Project & Jobbing Manufacturing

Our systems provide the planning and control functions required by manufacturers whose production is driven by large projects.

This type of manufacturing puts a particular focus on delivery times and milestones, as a late delivery can cause a major issue for the project as a whole. Our systems include a Gantt chart style scheduler that provides a complete overview of all aspects impacting manufacturing demand on resources.

In addition, this type of manufacturing puts an added emphasis on quality. Failure of a manufactured component can cause a failure of the project as a whole. Testing, measurement and related quality control become a critical part of all operational processes. Our quality systems are embedded in all our manufacturing control processes, enabling quality to be achieved without the costs of running completely separate systems.


Supply Chain Management


Our solutions provide a fully integrated Gantt style planning board with full drag and drop capabilities. This enables an overview of the demands on machine and labour resources at a glance. It fully integrates with the Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) and Shop Floor systems. Everyone in the business can work to the same drumbeat and not be wasting time on work that is not required by the customer.

This level of integration enables delivery schedules to be maintained and managed effectively even when resources are stretched.

Shop Floor Control

On a day-to-day basis the touch screen shop floor systems (driven by barcode enabled wireless systems) provide the prioritised task lists for shop floor staff to work to. This enables the planned work to be updated with "actuals" providing operations and management with real time feedback and reporting on progress and issues.

This enables key elements of data to be collected in real time in an environment where unique items (e.g. machines or equipment) or the shop floor can collect key production, testing and quality data. 

Real time gauges and dashboards update the shop floor staff with status reports on how they are progressing against budget. This has the positive effect of providing motivational feedback on performance as well as significantly assisting in the combined accuracy of data from estimates, job budgets, and actual time collection. With all relevant parts of the equation visible all the time, any mistakes or wrong assumptions are immediately obvious and can be corrected while it is still fresh in everyone's mind.

Forecasting and Quoting

Our solutions enable demand to be estimated on a long horizon. This assists at the point of quotation and order confirmation in confirming delivery promises. Forecasts can be held for different horizons showing forecasted sales, quoted pipeline and current master production schedules.

We support the ability for forecasts to be based on a planning unit of measure (e.g. Kg's are used for forecasting and Pieces used for actual ordering and production). We also support the concept of "assumed actual configuration" of the product that will actually be ordered and manufactured. This is particularly the case in a where a highly level of configuration and customisation is offered to customers.

Quotations can be multi-level (i.e. involve multiple layers of assembly and sub-assembly and multi-staged processes or tasks at each layer) and held in multiple versions and revisions.  This provides full management and trace-ability of the estimating and sales process. Items or sub-assembly can be held in a summaries (or lump sum) format to allow an estimated cost and price to be established before full details are specified. This provides both efficiency in the estimating process and accountability to the actual performance achieved on each project or job.

Quality Management


Our systems allow you to specify the materials, process and quality checking requirements for serialised high value manufactured items. The process stages and the information and checks that need to be done at each stage in order to meet stringent quality controls can be specified. The actual measures achieved from testing and other monitoring can be recorded directly into the management system.

Serialised items can be created individually and given a unique ID that can be used for labels and throughout its life. The unique item can then be tracked through each process stage and through inventory. This enables details to be recorded on the serialised item at any point and used for reporting, certification and process control.

Processes can be identified and quality measures established at multiple levels of specifications. Against these measures, data can be entered directly from the shop floor and warehousing systems.

Validating Quality Standards

Quality standards can be validated directly from data collection processes either with data entered from the back office or directly "at the coal face". Each measure can be established with the target and tolerance specified. Actions to be taken, if the quality standard is not met can be established.

Once data has been entered it appears in dashboard with the ability to be interrogated at a detailed level. The information can be used to control the progress and status of the job in real time.

Non-conforming Events

Any non-conforming events can be raised, details added and managed through to resolution.

Any type of event can be raised. The system is delivered out-of-the box with a number of standard incident or event types:

  • Product Non-conformance
  • Customer Complaint
  • Health & Safety

Auditing and Checking

Our solutions provide sophisticated auditing and checking systems. Any check or audit can be established and controlled at the level required. It may involve simple control at the audit activity level, or at each stage the audit needs to track through. 

If a stage of audit is allocated to an individual, the security settings can be established to allow only them, and those directly responsible for them, to see the checks and related data entered.