Join the automation revolution

The food manufacturing industry is on the cusp of disruption by the wide spread availability and affordability of smart machines. Known in the industrial markets as either the "Industrial Internet of Things" (IIOT) or "Industry 4.0" these networked devices are changing the game.

This revolution promises to provide significant efficency gains, improvement in quality at lower cost, and the ability to drastically improve speed to market. The development of new products or product changes, designing and testing the new product, and adjusting the supply chain will all be improved. For it to be a reality though, a number of key challenges need to be addressed.

Harness the IIOT

Our integration services will let you harness the power of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). We have the software solutions and consulting expertise to help you automate your processes, cost efficiently and effectively. Follow the button below to request more information.

  • Demand driven automation: automation driven by time phased demand materials planning systems that have viaiability of complete supply chain. Without this visibility automation is as best a guessing game.
  • Integration: Integration with back office systems to access the details of demand, specifics of recipes, bill of materials, and process mappings.
  • Event management: Prevent event fatigue as device numbers increase. Smart event managment software allows events to be categories and prioritised, so important events are never overlooked.
  • Event hand over: Smart event management linked to machinery and events in real time. Events that take longer than one shift can be escalated and passed from supervisor to superisor.
  • Predictive maintenance: enables plant operators to improve process reliability by capturing and analysing data, and then identifying the warning signs of potential issues – before problems arise.